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ナルシスノワール: ωλατ şσгτ σҒ ρεσριε ςαηηστ ισυε?

i don't know a thing, it's just the day of a girl's first love

lala (riri and mimi!)
4 August

Hi! My name is Manuela, my life has become work and school, but I write when I can :) I love reading, and do that most of the time I have free.
Some authors that I particularly enjoy are:
Neil Shusterman and Alex Sanchez ♥
Fanfiction authors that are practically amazing are:
and plenty more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head :D

If anyone does wish to add me, please have some sort of interest in common with me? I used to be a fangirl, but not so much anymore. I use lots of smileys and emoticons while talking/texting, so you'll have to get around that *.* I love graphics, and spazz over them sometimes. I adore lolita, vkei, and decora fashion, but I normally only dress in PJ's :D Currently, I am in the J2 from Supernatural fandom :D
If you want to add me, make sure we've talked somewhere! No silent adds, I will NOT add you back. If I've met you in real life, or we talk frequently, feel free to add me, and if you hotmail, send me your address, and we can talk on IM :D

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